Company Introduction

INTE-AUTO is a manufacturing and trading combo,focuses on research, manufacturing and distributing high performance push-pull connectors and cable assembly solutions since 2012. We have a number of patent authority certificates and are CE, RoHS,TUV certified.

Business Registered information:
China Company name: Shenzhen Yinte Electronic Technology Co.,LTD
Business Registrations:91440300MA5DBMRN8C
VAT Number:91440300MA5DBMRN8C

HK Company name: Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co.,LTD
Business Registrations:1867747
VAT Number: 1867747

Mainly supply push pull circular connector below:
B series IP50 male female circular connector
K series IP68 waterproof circular connector
S series Half-moon male female connector
S series Coaxial push pull connector
F series Half-shell keying connector
P series Plastic medical connector
H series Industry male female connector
SP series watertight industrial connector
Electrical Hybrid connector
Customized connector cable assembly 
Connector Accessory
NIBP Connector

- Competitive and moderate price
- Provide the connectors solution according to your project
- Free samples to support your business
- Professional datasheet and testing reports
- Be fast lead time, within 5 workdays
- 5000 parts are in stock
- 100% quality testing before shipment
- Customized cable assembly service
- Shipping goods tracking and fast feedback
- 24/7 on line support

Supported by extensive experience in connector design, customized connectors and connector solutions, Valued clients with unique applications and requirements could receive custom solutions. Our products are widely used in testing, communication, medical, aerospace, military, and automotive equipment both in the domestic market and abroad.